• The Future of Air

    We provide IAQ solutions direct to the HVAC industry. Assisting Building Services Engineers to specify solutions that will provide the ultimate in indoor air quality, and working with specialist resellers and HVAC contractors looking to enhance their offering.

  • Consultant / Architect / Contractor?


  • Short term Air Quality testing

  • Real-time continual IAQ monitoring – Foobot

  • Individual VOCs sampling for BREEAM, LEED or WELL certification purposes

  • Formaldehyde testing

  • Biological air sampling for mould and bacteria

  • Inorganic gas measurements (Ozone/NO2/SO2/CO) 

  • Particulate measurements PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 


  • Plasma Air BiPolar Ionisation Systems

  • BoaAir HEPA & Carbon Air Purifiers

  • UVC Coil disinfection

  • Humidification systems

  • Catalytic IAQ improvement solutions

  • HVAC optimisation

  • Natural ventilation systems 

  • Mechanical ventilation systems


  • BREEAM Air Quality Plan

  • Foobot SAB HVAC Optimisation 

  • Proactive Filter replacements 

  • Maintenance of BiPolar Ionisation systems 

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The future of air

Spire Building Services Ltd was established in 2018 to provide Indoor Air Quality consultancy and product sales

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© Spire Building Services.
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