An automated and chemical free Cooling Coil preventive maintenance system, delivering up to 24% in energy savings (off heating-cooling costs) and reducing equipment maintenance costs by 50%

Key Features

  • 24/7 automated chemical-free cleaning and disinfecting of HVAC equipment
  • Prevents accumulation of biofilm and eliminates 99% of microbial bacteria and fungi
  • Optimises HVAC system performance
  • Increased energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and improved indoor air quality

Most companies are struggling with shrinking maintenance budgets and reduced workforce capacity, while performance goals and expectations are rising.

Coilcare automates cooling coil cleaning and is practically maintenance-free. Coilcare is chemical-free, which is beneficial for cooling coils, maintenance personnel and the environment. Its powerful disinfection prevents bacteria, viruses, and organic growth from reproducing and multiplying on cooling coil surfaces. This also dramatically reduces airborne organic growth throughout the entire HVAC system, thus improving indoor air quality (IAQ) and bringing in all related occupational health benefits.

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